Evacu8 2023 Round-Up: A Year of Growth, Safety, and Community

As we bid farewell to 2023, it’s time to reflect on the incredible journey we’ve had at Evacu8. This year has been marked by milestones, client experiences, and moments that have shaped us into a stronger, more connected company. Join us as we take a walk through the months, highlighting the key events that made […]

Choosing The Right Evacuation Training For Your Team

Safety at work isn’t just about every day slips and trips; it’s also about being ready for serious emergencies. A fire could break out, for example. Or there may be another sudden event that means everyone needs to leave your building rapidly. Knowing how to evacuate swiftly and safely is crucial and can save lives. […]

Evacuation Planning For Commercial Events

If you’re planning an event, you already know there’s a myriad of things to think about to ensure everything goes smoothly. But there’s one thing you can’t overlook: how to get everyone out safely if there is an emergency. How we help you plan for your event Whether you’re planning a short show or a […]

Back to school: Is your evacuation training up to date?

As the start of the new school year draws closer, it’s time to consider how you’ll be keeping your students safe in the year ahead. When was the last time you carried out an evacuation training session with your staff members? Every educational building must have a specific evacuation plan. It is important that your […]