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At Evacu8 we ensure that all your equipment meets legal obligations. Your evacuation chairs are classified as a class 1 medical device and therefore must be inspected on a regular basis, complying with PUWER. Where applicable, some powered products fall under LOLER and require a full LOLER inspection 6 monthly.

Our experienced team of engineers carry out an extensive evacuation chair maintenance service, to ensure your safety and compliance is guaranteed. This includes visual inspection checks, manual adjustments, cleaning, lubricating and most importantly full rotation of the tracks fitted to your evacuation equipment.

Following the service, you will receive an individual report for each evacuation chair, along with any photos and advisory notes from our engineer. This will also be summarised in an audit for ease of processing internally.

Whether it’s 1 or 100 pieces of equipment, meet and exceed regulations with regular evacuation equipment maintenance by our experienced engineers.

Evacu8 will provide a detailed, individual service report for each item along with an audit summarising everything serviced.

Contracts are available for up to a three year period with a fixed price for the duration of your term

For every maintenance contract sold, Evacu8 will plant a tree

Working alongside The Forest of Marston Vale and a tree planting charity, Evacu8 will plant a tree for every evacuation chair maintenance contract sold helping The Forest meet it’s goal of at least 30% tree cover across the forest area.

The Forest of Marston Vale is a 61 square mile area of the Marston Vale, between Bedford and Milton Keynes. The charity have planted over 2 million trees to transform the landscape and improve the prospects of the Marston Vale – environmentally, socially and economically.

So why not help the woodland and the environment today by taking out an evacuation equipment maintenance contract for your essential equipment.

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