Evacu8 2023 Round-Up: A Year of Growth, Safety, and Community


As we bid farewell to 2023, it’s time to reflect on the incredible journey we’ve had at Evacu8. This year has been marked by milestones, client experiences, and moments that have shaped us into a stronger, more connected company. Join us as we take a walk through the months, highlighting the key events that made this year unforgettable.

January: Setting the Stage for Success

The year kicked off with a burst of energy as the Evacu8 team geared up for an exciting 2023 ahead. January saw us strategising, setting goals, and planning our approach to better serve our clients. It was a month of anticipation, laying the groundwork for the year to come.

February: Growing Together, Planting Seeds of Change

In February, Evacu8 embraced a commitment to sustainability. In collaboration with the Forest of Marston Vale, we took part in a tree planting initiative, contributing to the green transformation of our surroundings. This gesture symbolised our dedication not only to safety but also to a greener, healthier planet and is part of an ongoing commitment to donate from every single service and maintenance plan.

March: Celebrating 18 Years of Excellence

As March rolled in, we celebrated a significant milestone – Evacu8’s 18th birthday! This month was dedicated to reflecting on our journey, expressing gratitude to our loyal clients, and reaffirming our commitment to providing top-notch evacuation solutions. Plus, who doesn’t love an excuse for some cake and a fancy meal?

April: FSE Expo – Showcasing Innovation

Evacu8 made their presence known at the FSE Expo, where we showcased the latest advancements in evacuation equipment. It was an opportunity to connect with industry experts, share insights, and stay at the forefront of innovation. Our presence at the expo reinforced our dedication to staying ahead in the ever-evolving field of emergency preparedness.

May: Nurturing Skills with People Handling Training

In May, we invested in our own team’s development by conducting People Handling refresher training in partnership with HME. This important training focusing on people handling ensures that our team can continue to provide full transfer work to our wide range of clients.

June: A New Look on the Road

The streets saw a splash of vibrant colours in June as Evacu8 unveiled its new van livery. The fresh design not only added visual appeal but also reinforced our brand presence on the road. Our eye-catching vans became a symbol of reliability as we continued to reach new heights in customer satisfaction.

July: Supporting Academic Achievements

In July, Evacu8 proudly helped to prepare for the University of Greenwich Graduation ceremonies at the Old Royal Naval College. We had to install the required infrastructure for a five day ceremony. With each day seeing an average of 18 full wheelchair movements into the chapel, our mission was to ensure a smooth and memorable experience for both graduates and guests. This was an incredible day to be a part of and something that will stick with us forever.

Evacu8’s Head of Happiness approved of this sponsorship

August: Paws for a Cause at NAWT Bedfordshire Dog Show

Evacu8 took a step away from our usual focus in August to support a cause close to our hearts. We sponsored the NAWT Bedfordshire dog show, promoting awareness for animal welfare and contributing to the well-being of our furry friends.

September: Connecting with Potential Clients Nationwide

In September, we had an incredibly busy month visiting potential new clients around the country. This period of outreach allowed us to strengthen relationships, understand unique needs, and explore new opportunities for training, equipment and client relationships.

October: Showcasing at the Care Show

October was another highlight as we participated in the Care Show, where we engaged with industry leaders, shared our expertise, and learned from the best. The event was a testament to our commitment to continuous improvement and staying informed about the latest trends in the care industry.

November: Navigating New Horizons

November marked a period of exploration for Evacu8. As we ventured into new territories and markets, we focused on expanding our reach and making a positive impact on a broader scale.

December: Wrapping Up the Year with Rolo

As we approach the end of the year, December is a time for reflection and celebration. While the photo of Rolo with the tree technically belongs to last year, it serves as a heart-warming reminder of the holiday spirit and the connections we’ve built over the years.

In conclusion, 2023 has been a year of substantial growth for Evacu8. With over 2600 units serviced, 900+ delegates trained, and a remarkable 90,000+ miles covered in our vehicles, we have exceeded expectations. Our outreach efforts in 2023, spanning the furthest southern point in St Austell to the furthest northern point in Aberdeen, highlight our commitment to reaching clients nationwide. As we look forward to the challenges and triumphs that 2024 will bring, Evacu8 remains dedicated to evolving and innovating in the realm of evacuation solutions. Thank you for being a part of our journey!