Product Focus: EvacSHEET

product focus - evacSHEET

The EvacSHEET has been designed for the safe evacuation of individuals while they remain on their mattress. It is designed and manufactured in the UK by 3ET, a specialist evacuation equipment company with decades of experience in the emergency sector.

EvacSHEET Features

Convenient: The EvacSHEET is designed to remain permanently under your end user’s mattress. It is compatible with most mattresses, including Airflow mattress systems.

Anti-capsize design: Ensures a secure and stable transfer of the individual. The EvacSHEET has been designed with an underside that helps it slide across the ground effortlessly. It’s easy to move it around obstacles and through narrow doors.

Easy cleaning: To clean your EvacSHEET, simply wipe down the material. If required, you can wash it at 70 degrees in a washing machine.

Versatile: The EvacSHEET features three colour-coded cross-straps with heavy-duty plastic trident buckles for securing the individual. The coloured straps can be matched up in different ways, allowing you to adapt for individual requirements (for example, pregnant women).

Ergonomic: It’s possible to operate the EvacSHEET with just two people (depending on the size of the end user). However, it includes extra pulling loops to allow up to eight people to safely manoeuvre the EvacSHEET if needed.

Fire safe: The EvacSHEET is made from heavy-duty flame retardant PU coated polyester.

Subtle: The EvacSHEET features elastic corner straps for easy access in an emergency. When the straps and handles are not in use, they can be hidden away in pockets secured with poppers. Once hidden away, they leave no visual sign of the EvacSHEET beneath the mattress.

The EvacSHEET is available in a standard size, a paediatric size, and a trolley variation.

Why choose the EvacSHEET?

  • Fast and easy to use
  • Provides a sense of comfort and protection during an emergency evacuation
  • Ergonomic design reduces the risk of injuries while moving and handling end users
  • ‘Soft touch’ pulling handles with high visibility
  • Features a high safe working load limit of 250kg
  • Each sheet is individual and has its own serial number