The EvacSHEET is designed to evacuate bedbound patients on their hospital bed mattress. The EvacSHEET system is quick and simple to use and by utilising the mattress under the patient it offers the highest degree of comfort and protection in an emergency evacuation.

The EvacSHEET is available in 3 variants: Standard, Paediatric and Trolley. Each of the EvacSHEET variants has “anti-capsize” stability, 3 x colour coded securing cross straps to accommodate different patient sizes and conditions as well as good ergonomic design features to ensure the persons performing the evacuation are not put at risk of moving & handling injuries.

The Standard and Paediatric EvacSHEET’s are permanently fitted to the underside of the hospital bed mattress with all the securing straps and pulling handles stored away in the EvacSHEET pockets and secured with poppers, so once fitted there is no visual signs of the emergency evacuation system being there. The Trolley EvacSHEET is only fitted when required to evacuate in an emergency.

Special Features
  • Heavy-duty Flame-Retardant material with wipe clean finish
  • Easily assessable, secure pockets for storage of all cross straps and pulling straps
  • Heavy duty elastic corner straps for attaching securely to underside of mattress
  • Ergonomically designed Hi Visibility “soft touch” pulling handles
  • 3 x colour coded cross straps fitted with heavy duty plastic trident buckles
  • Unique “anti-capsize” design for extra stability and security
  • Can be used on AirFlow mattress systems
  • Extra pulling loops to accommodate up to 8 operatives
  • Individual product serial number and washing instructions
  • Machine washable at 70 degrees for infection control
  • EvacSHEET can be easily tilted to negotiate narrow doors or openings and other obstacles
  • Working Load Limit of 250kg
DimensionsStandard: 1.9m x 0.85m 1.6kg Paediatric: 1.20m x 0.60m 1.3kg Trolley open: 1.65m x 0.80m Trolley packed: 0.30m x 0.20m x 0.10m 1.6kg
Weight14 kg
Safety Tested to:More than 350kg
Working Load Limit (WLL)250kg – Minimum 2 operatives safe working
Laundering Instructions
Washing: When laundering becomes necessary, the buckles on the EvacSHEET should be fastened and the EvacSHEET can be washed in temperatures up to 70 °C for a disinfectant clean. Ensure the EvacSHEET has a thorough rinse to remove any detergent or disinfectant deposits. MACHINE WASHABLE, DO NOT BLEECH, DO NOT TUMBLE DRY, DRIP DRY / AIR DRY ONLY.

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