ProMove Sling


ProMove Sling

The ProMove sling is a lightweight and innovative people handling aid which can be used in conjunction with all evacuation equipment. The sling allows two operators to safely and effortlessly move any mobility impaired individual from one position to another. The ProMove sling comes in three sizes, adult, adolescent (8-14 years) and child (3-10 years).

The ProMove sling can be used in a similar way to a hoisting sling by being placed beneath someone in a seated position. Just pop it in place, link the handles together and the ProMove sling becomes a lifting seat. This makes it simple and easy to lift almost anyone with a team of 2-4 people on hand.

Special Features
  • Can be used by a minimum of two operators
  • Handles on the sling, allow for up to four operators
  • Additional handles can be purchased for use on hoists
  • Eliminates pressure points for passengers with delicate skin
  • Comes with handy carry bag
  • Comes in three different sizes
  • Additional head support options available
Dimensions – Adult (12 Years+)L55 x W15 x D8 cm
Dimensions – Child (8 – 14 Years)L28X W22 X D8cm
Dimensions – Child (3 – 10 Years)L25X W22 X D8cm
Weight 1.1 kg
Capacity – AdultUp to 285 kg (44.8 Stone) with 2-4 operators
Capacity – ChildUp to 63 kg (9.9 Stone) with 2-4 operators

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