Zonzini Domino Stair Climber

Zonzini Domino 1

Zonzini Domino Stair Climber

The Domino you know and love has had an update. Meet the Domino MK2.

With a load capacity of 400kg, and it’s ease of working with manual or powered wheelchairs, the stair climber is one of the most diverse products on the market. The non-slip tracks run on two motors, meaning the unit can easily manoeuvre around tight landings and spaces. The self-levelling automatic platform can be utilised to ensure the passenger is not tilted backwards and is kept at a suitable angle for the duration of the ascent or descent.

Our experienced engineers offer a regular equipment maintenance service to keep your Domino Stair Climber running smoothly.

Special Features
  • Operator joystick for easy movements
  • Two independent electric motors for tracks
  • Telescopic removable ramps with loading support
  • Height adjustable operator handle bars
  • Tracks suitable for indoor and outdoor usage
  • Operator can adjust speed easily using the joystick
  • Unit self-levels whilst on the stairs
  • Automatic self-levelling can be turned off if required
  • Can be customised if required for specific wheelchairs
Dimensions – Fully ExtendedTBC
Stair AngleUp to 35º
CapacityUp to 400 kg (62.9 Stone) – Passenger and Wheelchair Combined
Weight130 kg (battery included)
Minimum staircaseW85 cm
Wheelchair platformW70 x D114 cm Can be customised

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