Product Focus: Tetcon S-CAPEPLUS Evacuation Mattress


The S-CAPEPLUS is a versatile mattress system designed with speed, simplicity and comfort in mind. The equipment is manufactured by Tetcon, a family run business located in the Netherlands.

The mattress system has a number of industry leading features which would make it a great addition to your workplace.


Comfortable: The S-CAPEPLUS features a 7cm thick, yet flexible foam mattress that assists with shock absorption. The mattress is comfortable to lay on, and the cocoon design creates a sense of security and safety for the person being evacuated.

Versatile: The original S-CAPEPLUS features a length of 210cm and a width of 60cm. This generous sizing means the mattress will fit most people, however, we also stock a bariatric version and a children’s version so you can be fully covered no matter who is on your premises.

Fire retardant: Not just a coating on the outside of the fabric that will wear away after a couple of washes. The S-CAPEPLUS features fire retardant properties that are incorporated directly into the material.

Anti-bacterial protection: Material is equipped with TH27-24 sanitization technology from Switzerland to protect everybody involved.

Body heat retention: A combination of sturdy fabric and an overlapping design means your end user stays warm during evacuation. You can even combine the evacuation mattress with a thermal blanket when the weather is especially cold.

Easy-care design: The S-CAPEPLUS features a removable cover. After use, simply wipe down with a disinfectant spray or place the cover in the washing machine. If your S-CAPEPLUS sustains damage during use, there’s no need to replace the entire piece of equipment. You will likely only need to replace the cover.

Other features: The S-CAPEPLUS evacuation mattress comes with a blue carrying bag for convenience. We recommend that you mount yours to a wall with clear signage, so it is easily accessible in an emergency. Also available is a wall hanging storage cover for a clean and tidy finish when not in use.

Whilst the equipment is quick and easy to deploy, it is still advisable that training is undertaken on a regular basis to ensure the safety of both operator and user at all times. Check out our training options here.

Why choose the S-CAPEPLUS over other evacuation equipment?

  • Allows for very rapid evacuation of your end users
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Can be used for descending stairs and for horizontal evacuations
  • Simple design means little to no maintenance is required
  • Equipment is well suited in health care industries such as hospitals and care homes
  • Safe working load of 200kg as standard. Bariatric and youth options available
  • Allows the user to remain horizontal and not be transferred to a seated evacuation chair for emergency scenarios
  • Full body flaps to fully cocoon the end user and for added security and comfort