Product Focus: Stryker Evacuation Chair

product focus - stryker

The Stryker evacuation chair is made from high-quality materials and boasts many innovative features. It prioritises safety of your passengers and comfort for your operators – that’s why it’s commonly found in hospitals and ambulances.

Here at Evacu8, we’re proud to sell this premium chair to the UK market, outside of the NHS Trust Services.

Stryker Features

Ergonomic: The extendable head and foot end lift handle design supports proper ergonomic lifting technique. It also improves your operator’s line of vision to feet and steps when lifting the chair on stairs or over obstacles.

The Stryker’s upper control handle extends to be ergonomically positioned for optimal operator control.

The head end lift handles extend for upright lifting posture.

Durable: The track system is designed to stand the test of time, made with Kevlar® it is heavy duty whilst still providing a smooth descent.

Comfortable: The Stryker features a square contoured seat to keep your passengers comfortable and supported.

Secure: Fastex® buckles keep your passengers secure with the multi way belt system. An optional foldaway foot support ensures extra stability if needed.

Versatile: The four wheeled design allows you to maximise mobility, even in the tightest spaces.

Stair-TREAD Systems: The Stryker’s patented Stair-TREAD system assists in an easy descent down stairs. It allows your operator to control movement down stairs without lifting, ensuring safe practice of manual handling.

Why choose the Stryker Evacuation Chair?

  • Features a high safe working load of 227kg (with two operators).
  • Additional handles for front operator support.
  • Square plastic seat is both ergonomic and easy to keep clean.
  • Folds and stores in compact spaces. Very discreet when mounted on the wall.
  • Easier transfer from wheelchair due to the seat position.
  • Additional safety belts as standard.
  • Option to add oxygen canister holders when being used in a medical environment.
  • 15 year warranty.