Product Focus: Ferno Saver Evacuation Chair

product focus-ferno-saver

The Saver is designed and manufactured by Ferno who established in 1971 and to this date have continued to develop a number of medical and access products that can be utilised in a number of different environments.

Ferno Saver Features

Convenience: The seat design provides more support to the passenger than a standard hammock style system making lateral transfers to or from another item easy and convenient for your end user.

Comfort: Provides a smooth and easy descent down the stairs for those who are mobility impaired. There is minimal manual handling required by the operator due to the track system in place.

Safety: The chair offers a passenger lap belt and head support with restraint to ensure the safety of both passenger and operator when in use.

Manoeuvrability: The rear kickstand is wider than some manual chairs which adds stability when working on a horizontal movement. The casters ensure you can manoeuvre around tight corners such as corridors or doorways.

Easy storage: The Ferno Saver is lightweight and compact when folded up, making it easy to store. It comes with a wall bracket, dust cover and signage as standard.

Easy cleaning: The seat cover is removable, with zips on the underside for easy removal and cleaning making it a great option for customers with cross contamination concerns, for example care homes.

While the Ferno Saver is swift and convenient to use, training is essential to keep both the operator and the end user safe. Find out more about our training options here.

Why choose the Ferno Saver?

  • The Ferno Saver can be used in multi-story buildings such as offices, shopping centres, care homes and any other public buildings.
  • A highly versatile evacuation chair, the Ferno Saver will work on any staircase except for spiral ones. If there is enough room to turn the chair on the platforms, the chair can be used on the staircase.
  • The wheels are situated within the frame, not outside of it. This makes the Ferno Saver a great option for narrow staircases and tight corners.
  • Can be unobtrusively stored in its wall bracket and dust cover, where it is out of the way but easily obtainable if needed. For example, a good place to store your Ferno Saver is at the top of each staircase or near lifts that would not work in emergency situations.
  • The Ferno Saver is lightweight yet very sturdy, weighing 11.2kg and with a weight capacity of 180kg.