Product Focus: Evac+ 900H

product focus - evac900H

With over 35 years of experience in the industry, Evac+Chair are leaders in the designing and manufacturing of evacuation equipment.

Evac+ 900H Features

Battery powered: The 900H is a motorised evacuation chair powered by a 24-volt lithium battery. The chair can move up or down 150 flights of stairs on a single battery life.

No heavy lifting: A powered belt track system reduces manual handling and facilitates a smooth, safe, and quick method of evacuation.

Easy to use: The control pad – which is easily accessible to the operator – allows for control over the speed and direction of the evacuation chair with the touch of a button.

Versatile: The 900H is capable of both ascending and descending on stairs. Push handles on the back of the chair also allow for easy movement over flat terrain.

One person operation: This evacuation chair is quick and easy for a single operator to deploy, and smooth for the end user. While it is primarily designed for one person operation, it comes with an extra set of handles fitted in case assistance is required.

Comfortable: Designed for enhanced passenger comfort with a head restraint, armrests, a seatbelt, and a footrest.

Convenient storage: Made from high-strength aluminium, the frame of the Evac+ 900H folds away into a compact shape for storage.

Easy cleaning: The 900H is built with wipeable materials and anti-microbial paint for easy cleaning and disinfecting.

Why choose the Evac+ 900H?

  • Battery charges fully in just five hours
  • Made from flame retardant materials
  • Features lockable rear wheels for situations where the chair must stay stationary
  • Average speed of 0.2m/s when ascending and 0.3m/s when descending
  • Has an LED safety light which can be used if there is poor visibility
  • The Evac+ 900H comes with an anti-theft key for the battery, a user guide, a wall bracket and dust cover, a fitting kit and a photoluminescent sign
  • Features a maximum capacity of 160kg (25 stone), can accommodate a wide range of passengers