Evacu8: Independent and Proud


Our mission is simple: to help you keep every single one of your employees safe. We provide high-quality evacuation equipment, training and maintenance solutions.

A truly independent company

At Evacu8, we have non-exclusive relationships with manufacturers. Everything you find on our online store is carefully selected by our team as the highest quality evacuation equipment available on the market.

We have no sales targets from any manufacturers; therefore, we are not motivated to guide you towards some products over others. Our goal is to ensure advice from Evacu8 is always reliable and unbiased.

We bring a unique, specialised perspective to the table. You can be confident that advice from Evacu8 is the best solution for your company’s evacuation requirements.

We care about what we do

Every single one of our clients receives a personal service. We’re a closely-knit team with a family business ethos. We really get to know you and your circumstances, giving our full attention to you and your specific needs.

Nearly two decades of experience

Evacu8 is a very well-established company, with almost 18 years of experience in the field of emergency evacuations and employee safety.

Our clients range from small to medium enterprises to large, multi-site corporations. This allows our team to be flexible and able to provide evacuation equipment from a single chair through to large orders with varying and specific requirements.

Equipment that is sold and maintained by us is deployed in hundreds of buildings across the UK – with the potential to save lives every day.

How we can help you

We’re experts in all things evacuation.

Manual evacuation chairs, mattresses and sheets, or even powered evac equipment – we have something to suit every need and budget.

We help ensure that you are fully compliant with current Health and Safety Legislations, as well as the Equalities Act.

But we don’t just provide the equipment – we provide you with the confidence to use it decisively in an emergency. Take a deep dive into the best practices for evacuation procedures with our friendly, yet detailed training sessions. With three different levels of training to choose from – Operator, Cascade and Cascade Plus – we can help you to fully understand your equipment or even give you the ability to pass your knowledge on to others.

To ensure legal compliance and the safety of your employees, it’s important to keep your equipment in perfect working order. We offer regular evacuation equipment maintenance for all of the products we stock. This includes detailed visual inspections and manual checks. Our experienced engineers will send you a comprehensive report for each piece of equipment, as well as a helpful summary for your records.

Ready to make your workplace an inclusive, safe environment for everybody? Get in contact today, we’d love to welcome you to the family.