Why is it important to service your evacuation equipment?

While most people can evacuate a building quickly and safely in an emergency, there are also many reasons why an individual would not be able to do so. Working evacuation equipment is the backbone of emergency response efforts for those with impaired mobility. Like any other type of mechanical equipment, your evacuation chairs require routine […]

Why Is Maintaining Evacuation Equipment So Important?

At Evacu8, all our evacuation equipment is hand-picked to be the most reliable and durable on the market. However, no equipment is completely invincible. Having a well-planned evacuation strategy is essential for any company. You must be confident in your ability to keep everyone in your building safe. Fire safety procedures and other evacuation strategies […]

Plant a Tree with Evacu8 and Forest of Marston Vale

“The team and I had such a great time planting trees. It was a chilly morning, but it was great to be outside and getting stuck in with the Forest of Marston Vale. We’re already looking forward to next year, where we’re hoping to plant lots more!” Daisy FraserManaging Director Who is Forest of Marston […]